Standard Recipes? Not for Hugo Kümmerling. 

Kuemmerling bottle

It took some time before the creator of our popular semi-bitter herb liqueur was satisfied with the recipe. It shouldn't be too sweet or too bitter, but bursting with flavour. Thanks to carefully selected herbs, from angelica to bark of cinnamon, he finally found something he thought was good enough. He wasn’t to know that a century later, connoisseurs would still be enjoying it, but he probably had an inkling though.

Kuemmerling with 35% alcohol is available in packs of 25x, 12x or 3x 20 ml bottles. Alternatively, you can purchase a 500 ml bottle or a 100 ml hip flask.

Kuemmerling Pfefferminz

Green Kuemmerling

The new taste of Kuemmerling Pfefferminz is available in a 25-piece cube, nearly a century after Hugo Kümmerling's original herbal liqueur. Our peppermint liqueur is made from English mint – the mother of all mints – along with several other herbs. Their perfect interplay is complemented by hints of lemon, gentian, and cardamom, among others.


Red Kuemmerling

Kuemmerling herbal liqueur with cherry flavor will be available for the first time starting in April 2022 as a limited edition.The new variety combines the high-quality herbs of the original, such as licorice, cinnamon bark, clove, wormwood, and mint, with a natural cherry flavor and other natural aromas.

Kuemmerling herbal liqueur with cherry flavor is available in cubes of 25 for a limited time starting April – there’s no time to lose.