Yet another community? Hell yeah!

KUEMMERLING fans are different to others... or maybe just themselves..

Over time, they've developed a variety of rituals and games.

The typical “tapping” of the KUEMMERLING bottle top. 

This ritual dates back to the time when the small bottles still had a pull-off cap instead of a screw cap. Since the metal tab was sometimes difficult to pull up, the bottles were tapped on the table. This loosened the tab and the Kuemmerling could flow. 

“Chin up” with Kuemmerling. 

Also very popular: Tap the bottle top-down, screw off the cap and put it on your nose. Then put the bottle into your mouth without using your hands, tilt your head back and let the Kuemmerling flow. In northern Germany also known as "live it up, drink it down.

Here are some other ideas from KUEMMERLING fans for doing your own thing:

Kümmerling chandelier

A chandelier made of empty KUEMMERLING bottles? It is indeed possible!

lamp made of Kuemmerling bottles

And while we’re on the subject:

To build a circle of 20 ml KUEMMERLING bottles, you roughly need 58 to 62 empty bottles. If you use the 500 ml bottles, you’ll need 70 to 72 bottles....

With approx. 508 empty bottles, you can make a hemisphere. For a complete sphere, you need between 1,044 and 1,086 small KUEMMERLING bottles. This sphere will weigh 60 kg – but only if the bottles are empty.

Domino with Kümmerling bottles

Incidentally, you can also play dominoes with KUEMMERLING: 

Jenga with Kuemmerling bottle

Or Jenga!

If merely watching the video brings you out in a cold sweat, you can take comfort from the following: At KUEMMERLING, the fun comes first! And when you’ve finally collected enough empty bottles, you can get down to work. That can be fun too.