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What would you like to know? Perhaps you’re looking for the best way to celebrate with friends? There's only one answer... find out! Whatever style you like. Some prefer it this way. Others prefer it that way. And if everyone is on board, the best way is together.

Do your thing! Kuemmerling.


Over 100 years old. As relevant as ever.

“Hey buddy, you new around here?” When you encounter the pleasant semi-bitter herb liqueur or its new younger brother Kuemmerling Pfefferminz in their trademark square bottle, you’re likely to hear something like this.

And that can happen anywhere. From Flensburg to Berchtesgaden, at the kiosk around the corner or in a pop-up bar in Berlin. Perhaps it is the secret recipe and the miniature bottle that make KUEMMERLING so popular

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The Kuemmerling community has been growing for decades and can be pretty mad at times.

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Kuemmerling Shop

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